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All of the plant species included in The Golden Thread remedy were grown in the Land of Israel . All agricultural laws were strictly observed. The alcohol is not a grain-based product.

The snake venom (naja haje) was purchased from the Kentucky reptile zoo. Snake venom (like honey) is not considered to be a forbidden product of a nonkosher species, for it does not originate from the “flesh” or innards of that animal. It is classified as a generic secretion (more like saliva) which has a different legal status than milk or even urine. Consequently it is not regulated by the Biblical dietary laws .

However the rabbis do consider it a dangerous substance, and forbid its consumption based on the Torah's obligation to protect our health. Yet this concern is circumvented, for in a homeopathic product, the snake venom is diluted to such an extreme degree (many thousands, if not millions of times) that its physical presence is no longer even detectable in the final product.

This is the homeopathic theory of medicinal preparations. The extreme dilution eliminates the noxious properties of the starting material (in this case the venom) by removing its physical presence altogether. What remains is the venom's equally innate power to heal which was previously overwhelmed (and suppressed) by the poisonous nature of its physicality.

Since the venom no longer poses a hazard to health when diluted to this degree, the problem based on danger no longer applies. Whereas in previous generations our sensitivity to snake venom was so great that no amount of dilution would render it safe. It seems that now our nature has changed, and substances that have been diluted to undetectable degrees are no longer harmful, and in fact, the opposite. When properly administered, they can be safe and powerful healing agents. Consequently, because the issue is danger and not Biblical dietary law, one is permitted to nullify the substance by dilution, for the sake of preparing a medicinal tincture.

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